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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Some Thoughts...

Thoughts While Pondering The Meaning of Life:

--What happened to Samuel L. Jackson's career? He goes from Pulp Fiction, The Sum of All Fears, Changing Lanes, and S.W.A.T. to filming The Man and Snakes on a Plane. He has a couple coming up that hopefully redeem himself, but my favorite actor is fast losing any sort of luster he had.

--Why aren't there more prime time sporting events? Obviously baseball is a nightly thing and Saturday afternoon FOX baseball is nice, but why not a primetime telecast too like ESPN does on Sunday? While we're at it, give me a college football game on Saturday nights, whatever the best matchup of the weekend is supposed to be. I'll watch that.

--Simmons wrote an article on picking an English Premier League soccer team after watching the World Cup. Couple things here. I hate soccer, flat out. But, the World Cup was strangely entertaining. I actually enjoyed some of the play and was confused as anything over the lack of commercials. That said, I couldn't watch it for a season. I struggled for a couple weeks with it.

--Note from the article: Osama bin Laden and John Gotti are both fans of Arsenal. I think that's a good reason to stay away from that one.

--Is it bad when you're getting excited that the fantasy football magazines are coming out?

--Cooperstown Hall of Fame trip next week. I'll go more in depth as to things that I'm looking forward to later on, but the fact that Bruce Sutter is getting elected yet Goose Gossage isn't in ranks as one of the biggest travesties in sports. Sutter wasn't even the best closer of his generation. Factor in that the all-time saves leader Lee Smith is still on the outside looking in and none of it makes sense. If we're looking at him as an innovator, given his advances with the forkball, fine. But there's a different wing for that. His stats are unimpressive at best.

--Some big names floating around right now in the trade market. Abreu doesn't go anywhere, Soriano ends up in Detroit, Maddux goes to Milwaukee. That's my bet anyway. I think the deadline goes by without Boston making a deal strictly because Lester, Paps, Delcarmen, and Hansen are untouchable.

--The Celtics trying to trade for Iverson makes no sense. Pierce and AI both need the ball in their hands to create offense. Add to that, AI's work ethic is not what you need to instill in these young players. I can picture this causing disaster with Gerald Green's development.

--How fast did Flip Saunders start to get his resume together after Ben Wallace signed with the Bulls?

--In the saga of Zeke and the Knicks, the idea that he took both Renaldo Balkman and Mardy Collins because they were represented by LeBron's agents is hilarious. He assumed that it would make them more inclined to deal with him, figuring there would be no way James would sign an extension. Whoops, misread that one huh? Keep telling yourself, this is the guy that destroyed the CBA. His one season as Knicks coach will be really entertaining though.

--Also on the Balkman pick, tell me you didn't get giddy when the Knicks were on the clock at the draft. I thought the worst he would do was draft Josh Boone, who hasn't improved in three years. But it's like Christmas with them. You know you're getting a gift or two, just don't know how good it's gonna be.

--How can workouts mean so much in the NBA draft? How does Hilton Armstrong get drafted that high when he couldn't even outplay Boone for most of his senior season? Someone needs to show pro scouts and gm's this thing called game tape. Workouts can't mean this much.

--Ladies and Gentleman, your 2005 American League MVP, Alex Rodriguez! I've never seen a guy so valuable to his team, and that isn't sarcasm, treated the way he is. I dare you to take him out of that lineup. Still strong, but suddenly with a gaping hole. If they want to play Nick Green at third, as a Red Sox fan I'm fine with that.

--Is there anything more sad on TV right now than America's Got Talent?


Blogger RobertMc said...

Some thoughts on Collin's brain waves.

~Sammy Jackson, as i said in the past sucks. Pick a real favorite actor. And don't talk trash about Harry Ford cause you know he's the shit.

~I totally agree. Why don't they give us a primetime Coll Football game every sat night. And make it the best game. I'll watch whatever they put on in primetime but i'd rather see Ohio St play Michigan then duke vs northwestern.

~World cup rocked. It really was cool to watch adn ee the countries get geared up when their teams played. Njothing like that happens in the US. Neither olypmics mean shit and the wbc isn't getting US pride going. Best thing about the WC was watching portugal get bounced (haha stupid fakes spanish people). And before Collin say anything yes i would have like it a whole bunch more if the irish were involved but i guess soccer while drunk is too hard.

~Fantasyfootball is the best. can't wait for the draft so i can dominate again.

~Enjoy watching the most boring hall of fame induction ever.

~If Soriano goes to Det, it'd be a miracle for another AL team to win the pennant (bariing injuries or deals that bos ny or chi make. screw the west).

~who gives a hit about the nba

~as a yankees fan i hate thqa tthey boo him everytime. oh well.

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