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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Cooperstown Weekend

First and foremost, Lance Bass coming out of the closest was only slightly less surprising than the guy from Queer Eye being gay. Good for him, slightly oddly phrased, but if ANY 14 year old girl views this as a shock, we should introduce them to reality.

That said, tomorrow is the start of one of my favorite weekends of the year. I know most of you give me crap or couldn't give a damn about the induction ceremony or spending a weekend in the middle of nowhere...which is still closer to civilization than Rob's country house...but to say this isn't a cool event is an out and out lie. Last year, our first trip up, we were in town all of 10 minutes before being 10 feet from the greatest living ballplayer, Willie Mays. You spend the weekend in the presence of true greatness, with players and executives around every corner and more people from ESPN than you can shake a stick at. Last year I was standing outside the Hall itself when Gene Michael, Yankees executive walks out with Bob Depuy heading towards the ceremony. We had dinner a couple tables over from Karl Ravech and Tim Kurkjian, met Larry Bowa and talked baseball with Gary Miller. Last year Rob Dibble was doing his radio show on the sidewalk for XM and showed off his World Series Ring as well as signed a ball. The pictures we all came back with were awesome, having pictures taken with Harmon Killebrew and seeing Duke Snyder, Rollie Fingers, Whitey Ford, and Pudge Fisk up close and personal.

Everyone is relaxed, and outside of wanting money for certain players autographs, all are gracious enough to take photographs and talk with fans. I look forward to this year. Sure, it's Bruce Sutter, but in not many other places can you get 15-20 thousand people together on a weekend and make it feel like a neighborhood barbecue. Next year will have the incredible excitement of Gwynn, possibly McGwire (God I hope not), and some ass named Ripken. But the crowds will be even larger for those three multi-appearance all-stars. The beer, the food, and the people make this trip well worth it every time I've been in the area, forget for the inductions itself. If this trip is anything like last year, I can't wait for it to come around again.

The one thing missing from it will be Peter Gammons. This would be his first chance to return to the Hall as a member. Best Wishes for continued recovery from his health problems and it will make next year's trip all the more sweet.


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