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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hager's Mock Draft

NBA draft is tonite. If I were GM, here is how things would unfold:

  1. Toronto - Everything says that Bargnani will be the number one pick here. I'm not sure what Toronto needs, but I don't think Italy's Raef LaFrentz is it. With Colangelo running the team, they probably take the foreigner.
  2. Chicago - Brandon Roy. He's a sure thing, the best player in the draft, and will be a solid NBA player for year.
  3. Charlotte - Adam Morrison. Can't play defense, but Charlotte needs a consistent scorer.
  4. Portland - Aldridge. No one understands the Blazers, but I bet they look to trade up with Chicago to snag Morrison. If not, this is a safe pick.
  5. Atlanta - They apparently have promised Shelden Williams, but let's pretend they haven't. They have plenty of swing type players but need to move Johnson back to two guard where he thrived in Phoenix. The RIGHT pick here is Foye.
  6. Minnesota - Another team that needs a scorer to help Garnett now. Tyrus Thomas, who could eventually takeover for him. Might go guard here though.
  7. Boston - Tough team to figure out. I think they trade the pick, but not for Telfair. If not, they go for a true point guard and grab Marcus Williams.
  8. Houston - JJ Redick, they need a shooter and despite the back problems I don't think he keeps sliding.
  9. Golden State - Rudy Gay. Replaces Dunleavy.
  10. Seattle - Hilton Armstrong. They take Shelden Williams if he's here, but otherwise they need a body that can rebound. Amazing what a good workout can do for a guy
  11. Orlando - Cedric Simmons. Looks great playing next to Howard.
  12. Hornets - Patrick O'Bryant. Definitely need a center and he's the best available. Remember the Birdman doesn't live here no mo.
  13. Philly - Rodney Carney. Athletic leaper that they snag.
  14. Jazz - The poor guy that gets stuck in Utah, a place that outlawed fun 200 years ago...Ronnie Brewer
  15. Hornets - Quincy Douby, an athletic shooter
  16. Bulls - Thabo Sefolsha, from Switzerland, because the consensus says so
  17. Indiana - Rajon Rondo, Tinsley has been sidelined and he's the best guard available
  18. Washington - Saer Sene. Because it's a funny name.
  19. Sacramento - Alexander Johnson, to continue the run on athletic swingmen
  20. New York - Shannon Brown, because Zeke doesn't have enough tweeners
  21. Phoenix - James White, they don't need much, but he fills with some depth
  22. New Jersey - Maurice Ager. He's in the mold of what Phoenix likes, but I just think this fits better
  23. New Jersey - Kyle Lowry. Kidd is still good, but on the decline. I think they need a guard here to get ready for the transition
  24. Memphis - Jordan Farmar, they could use some youth at point.
  25. Cleveland - Shawne Williams, someone athletic that can keep up with Lebron
  26. Lakers - Paul Davis, a good passing big man with a nice shooting touch. Plus he whines real well, so he fits in with the NBA
  27. Phoenix - Some random foreigner I don't know
  28. Dallas - Sergio Rodriguez, another foreign guard
  29. Knicks - Josh Boone. Because Zeke doesn't care if he hasn't changed in 4 years.
  30. Portland - If they trade Telfair to Boston, they take Mardy Collins. They probably take him anyway.


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