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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Controversial Movies

So Entertainment Weekly released a list of the 25 most controversial movies of all time. Some I agree with, others don't make a whole lot of sense, and the number one movie on the list is controversial in and of itself. Here's the list with my comments as well as what was missing from it.

25. Aladdin: Apparently, critics didn't like the one line, "where they cut off your hand if they don't like your face..." Let's not get started on how ridiculous this sounds. Granted, Disney creates movies with enough sexual innuendo to irritate parents, but I think there are a few more movies that could be on the list ahead of this one or any cartoon for that matter.
24. Caligula: I'd never heard of this one, but we all know the story of this sexually depraved Roman emperor. I don't think I can argue this one being off the list, but if it's anything like the history and since it was given only limited release out of fear of obscenity lawsuits, probably could be higher.
23. Kids: The website I got the list from said this: "A group of teens prowl the streets of NYC in search of sex, booze, drugs, and other high-risk kicks." Then they felt they had to explain the controversy.
22. Do the Right Thing: Racial tension movie by Spike Lee. 'Nuff said.
21. Bonnie and Clyde: I think this is here just because of its 1967 release. The slow motion violence in this one is excessive, but released today is probably handled better.
20. Cannibal Holocaust: I actually had to watch this for a class in high school. Really creepy movie that was basically what Blair Witch came from...if it were filmed in the Amazon with Cannibal tribes.
19. Basic Instinct: Only because of the gay rights contingent that went nuts. They didn't like Sharon Stone as a man-hating lesbian. Other than the murder thing, every guy thought it was pretty hot.
18. I am Curious: I got nothing on this one.
17. Freaks: Apparently this film wasn't allowed in England until the 1960's. They'll show anything, so that does it for me.
16. United 93: Now I didn't want to see this one, but mainly because the whole incident still seemed to fresh to make a movie out of. But those who did found it more provoking than anything. I can see controversy, but the event is what it is.
15. Triumph of the Will: I won't comment on something made before my grandmother was born.
14. The Warriors: Great film if you can catch it on cable. Problem: perpetuates gang violence. Seems to me you need to be in a gang first.
13. Da Vinci Code: We know why this is here. People take things too seriously. It's thought provoking and gets you to think more in detail about the Catholic faith, but I wouldn't exactly say this is something to shake what you believe. If it is, look up FICTION in the dictionary.
12. Deer Hunter: Vietnam War movie. That has enough in it to really bother you.
11. The Message: Any movie that causes terrorists to take people hostage in D.C. should probably be a little higher on the list. Maybe because not many people saw it.
10. Baby Doll: When business competition goes overboard. Guy tries to seduce a guy's wife. The catch, wife is still a virgin. Uproar in the Catholic church over this one. If you ask me, the guy's wife was a virgin, that says enough doesn't it?
9. Last Tango in Paris: Landed people in court over obscenity charges. That's how much nudity was in this one and how "animalistic" the sex was.
8. Natural Born Killers: If this wasn't on here, something would be wrong. 12 murders linked to this movie.
7. The Birth of a Nation: Another messed up movie that depicts the KKK as saviors. I think that's enough to call this movie controversial...and nuts.
6. The Last Temptation of Christ: Satan induced hallucinations involving sex with Mary Magdalene. Dan Brown gets first idea for Da Vinci Code.
5. JFK: People took this one too seriously too. Gave Stone problems for lending credence to conspiracy theories.
4. Deep Throat: We aren't talking Watergate here. Linda Lovelace herself denounced the film.
3. Farenheit 9/11: Michael Moore and his ability to tear apart Bush. Sparked protests and made him fodder for Bill O'Reilly.
2. A Clockwork Orange: Its use of Gene Kelly's ''Singin' in the Rain''? That the movie first landed an X rating and was deemed pornographic across the U.S. was nothing compared with its reception in the U.K.: Social uproar and reports of copycat crimes led Kubrick to withdraw Clockwork from distribution in his adopted country. It wasn't officially available there again — in theaters or on video — until 2000, a year after his death.
1. Passion of the Christ: Only because people got irritated over the theory of anti-Semitism. To me, if you had gone to Church on Palm Sunday, this is nearly what you got.

My problems with this list: Anything that caused murders, hostages, copycat crimes, whatever, should be listed as 1-2-3. It's pretty simple there. If it didn't cause someone to kill another person, it wasn't that controversial. And get the Disney film off of there.


Blogger RobertMc said...

2 things. I'm kinda surprised American History X wasn't on it. Pretty graphic in its depiction of the modern KKK, hate crimes, prison, etc. Also i was surprised that Brokeback wasn't on it considering how much we had to listen to all the crap about it for the past year. Oh and one more thing, Caligula. Man is that movie messed up, unless you were a 14 year old boy whos friend took it from his older brother and you got to watch it after school. So much sex and violence. Two scenes i remember distinctily. A woman having sex with a horse and a guy getting a spike driven through his body.

12:32 AM  

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