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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

At a loss...

Normally, in the course of a week, something comes up that I find interesting or that bothers me. Frankly, I haven't had time to be bothered or to think too much...and that statement shouldn't be a surprise to many people. But I was listening to sports radio and they gave me ideas for a few things to write about. So instead of my usual structured post, it's another time for general musings:

--Guys that have played shortstop and second base (regulars) for the Red Sox since 1989: Jeff Frye, Scott Fletcher, Luis Rivera, Nomar, Jody Reed, John Valentin, Mark Bellhorn, Todd Walker, Edgar Renteria, Alex Gonzalez, Mark Loretta, Marty Barrett, Tim Naehring, Luis Alicea, Mike Benjamin, Mark Lemke, Jose Offerman, Mike Lansing, Rey Sanchez, Pokey Reese, Orlando Cabrera. 17 years, 20 players. One might say that life expectancy is not good in the Sox middle infield.

--DaVinci Code movie is slightly more disturbing than the book. Liked the end to the book, thought they took a little too much artistic license with the movie personally. Maybe it's the Catholic in me, but the movie was much more unsettling to walk away from than the book was.

--Ozzie Guillen should be fined and suspended for demoting a pitcher based on the fact he wouldn't hit someone. Sure, there are codes that govern the game and maybe in that sense the pitcher should have drilled Blalock. BUT at the same time we sanction and suspend players for throwing at people and suspend coaches for allowing it to happen. Guillen's actions on the field and in the dugout were an embarassment to the game of baseball and the fact that he could get away with it is even more disturbing.

--With David Segui coming out as one of the players named, does that make him a good guy or a bad guy? His reasoning leads me to believe a bad guy.

--Seanez says the booing doesn't bother him. I suggest he gets used to it then. Anyone that pitches the way he has over the past month shouldn't be in the majors. I reserve that statement for Tavarez as well.

--Santonio Holmes and Chris Henry are looking to play for Jerry Jones' Cowboys next year. How do you get arrested twice since the draft?? And as for Henry, he's making Marcus Vick look like an amateur.

--If a team wins a Stanley Cup, and no one watches it, does it even matter?

--Bruins are said to be heading after Laviolette...hmm, seems like they could have had him after they fired Keenan and decided that Ftorek would be the answer. All Laviolette has done is get his team to the playoffs and now win a cup, first with the Islanders (playoffs) and now the Canes. Where's Robbie Ftorek now?

--If the Celtics draft JJ Reddick, I may have to hurt someone. Two words: Marcus Williams. Two more words: TRADE IT

--I love the college world series, but the sound of the ball hitting metal is just bad compared to the crack of wood.

--"So You Think You Can Dance" easily cracked my top 5 on the "keep until I delete" tivo list. The auditions for that are 10 times as funny as American Idol. It wasn't even close.

That's it for now. More tomorrow...


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