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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Red Sox Fans

You know, I knew that Damon wasn't going to be cheered for the entire game, but I thought there would be a shred of dignity and respect shown by the Red Sox fans last night when he came to bat in the top of the first inning. Damon probably knew that he was going to be booed last night. But there was probably a decent size part of him that thought he would be cheered for what he did with Boston for four years. Let's face facts, without him Boston is going on 90 years without a World Series title. His heroics against New York in Game 7 are the reason Boston advanced to play St. Louis. His work in the leadoff spot is what got them to that point to begin with. The Red Sox wanted him, but at their price. The front office was in a crazy sort of flux without Epstein and with two general managers. Damon was offered more money by Baltimore than New York. He still wanted to win and wasn't sure that could be done here at that point with Mueller and Millar and Epstein leaving.

But he turned his back on Boston. He left the laundry behind for a pinstriped suit. Told us he'd never play for the Yankees and now instead has a license plate that reads "EMPIRE18". Truth is, I hate him for it, because Boston wanted him. They didn't want Clemens, Boggs, or a host of others who have gone to New York from Boston. BUT, that said, the fans last night were just plain brutal. Some of that stuff is really funny, the signs and shirts, but there was no reason why for two minutes Boston couldn't have put that hatred for the Yankees aside and cheered the man who hit in the leadoff spot for 4 years. One at bat. That's all that was needed. After that, boo the hell out of him. He's a Yankee. It's a shame it happened like that. As a Sox fan, I'm ashamed that he was treated that way. I may not like who he's playing for, but I appreciate what he did for the Hometown team while he was there.

When it comes down to it, he was offered 25% more money to change jobs. Who among us wouldn't take that raise? And don't tell me that it's millions of dollars and not the same thing. None of us can think in that sort of sense. Look at it terms of percentages and it becomes more apparent. So Johnny, take the applause and a tip of the cap from a fan who wasn't there. And now, I hope you separate your shoulder running into the wall.


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