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Thursday, April 27, 2006

NFL Draft

Someone has to make this stop. When did the NFL draft become such an event? For weeks now, we've been subjected to multiple draft specials, mock drafts from every columnist in the country, and more analysis on team needs than any year before. It's getting out of hand. Especially for an event that takes 6 hours to complete one round. What's worse, there aren't that many college football players that the average person recognizes. Sure, we all can name some of the top players in this year's draft - Leinart, Bush, Young, Cutler, Ferguson. But then it does get fuzzy, even in the top 10. I'd never heard of Mario Williams until I read an article that the Texans may actually draft him ahead of Bush.

Let's take this a step further. How many people will actually sit and watch the entire first round? Maybe Jared because he'll be working the Pats draft party. Most of us that care about one team or another will flip to see who their team has selected at various points. But the whole thing drags out from noon until dinner. Why do these teams need half an hour per pick?? Everyone and their mother knows that Houston will take Bush. I disagree with that pick, but I'll get into that a bit later. Despite knowing that, they will wind the entire clock down before they make any sort of move. Then the Saints will take even longer, looking for trades despite needing all the help in the world to make that team any sort of better. And this will go on and on and on. Will see Mel Kiper try to get people excited about some offensive tackle or nose tackle being selected in the middle of the round by showing highlights of the guy blocking. Most people won't be able to figure out what guy they'll be talking about.

Sure there are some exciting portions to the draft. The Jets booing the first pick, regardless of who it is, Matt Millen selecting another wide receiver in the first round, and Patriots either selecting another tight end or someone that no one has a clue who he is. The guys selected in the first round should be can't miss players, but inevitably there will be some taken that will fall flat on their face. Chad Jackson is one that comes to mind right away. The track record for Florida receivers is miserable, but he's one of only two "premier" prospects at that position, maybe three (Santonio Holmes, Sinorice Moss). Running backs are as deep this year as the receivers were last year. Which leads you to believe that one or two of these backs won't be as good and some will be better than expected. I think Lendale White will be better than his mid-late round selection, but I don't see Lawerence Maroney being as effective in the pros as he was at Minnesota. Mel Kiper has up to 7 defensive backs in the first round. I don't see it being as deep there. But I also don't have his hair or cryogenic freeze chamber that allows him to never change appearance.

To me, the draft can be fun. But they have to make it more exciting. We need an incident like the Vikings a couple years ago, allowing three teams to make picks before the Vikings got their selection in. They also need to cut down on the time between picks - 15 minutes tops. The NBA can do it and these guys have 7 rounds to work with. It's a two day event that feels like two weeks. ESPN has extended this into a month long extravaganza. My mock appears in the comments. But it will be more fun when the NBA picks at the end of June....those guys we all will know.


Blogger cwhager527 said...

Collin's Mock Draft

1) Texans - Reggie Bush, RB. Should be taking Ferguson though to stop Carr from being on his ass all game.
2) Saints - D'Brickshaw Ferguson, OT. Need to protect Drew Brees.
3) Titans - Matt Leinhart, QB. Reunited with Norm Chow.
4) Jets - Mario Williams, DE. Belichick never drafted a skill player early, Mangini won't either.
5) Packers - AJ Hawk, LB. The Packers need desperate help on both sides of the ball. Hawk is the guy in round 1.
6) 49ers - Vernon Davis, TE. This could go any possible way, they're desperate everywhere.
7) Raiders - Vince Young, QB. If this isn't a fit, I don't know what is.
8) Bills - Haloti Ngata, DT. Lost run stopper Sam Adams. Good fit here.
9) Lions - Michael Huff, S. If they don't take a WR, they need secondary help.
10) Cardinals - Broderick Bunkley, DT. With Edge at RB, they need help on Defense.
11) Rams - Jay Cutler, QB
12) Browns - Jimmy Williams, CB
13) Ravens - Ernie Sims, LB
14) Eagles - Chad Jackson, WR
15) Broncos - Winston Justice, OT
16) Dolphins - Santonio Holmes, WR
17) Vikings - Chad Greenway, LB
18) Cowboys - Tye Hill, CB
19) Chargers - Manny Lawson, DE
20) Chiefs - Jason Allen, CB
21) Patriots - Bobby Carpenter, LB
22) 49ers - Kameron Wimbley, DE
23) Buccaneers - Eric Winston, OT
24) Bengals - Leonard Pope, TE
25) Giants - Mathias Kiwanuka, DE
26) Bears - Donte Whitner, S
27) Panthers - D'Angelo Williams, RB
28) Jaguars - Lawerence Maroney, RB
29) Jets - Antonio Cromartie, DB
30) Colts - Tamba Hali, DE
31) Seahawks - Abdul Hodge, LB
32) Steelers - Lendale White, RB

1:11 PM  
Blogger RobertMc said...

achem; cough cough hypocrite. not to point out the obvious but uh yeah you say the draft gets too much coverage and where do you go with this post? yeah exactly, talking in depth about the draft. I will give you credit though you are right, the majority only care about their team and the first lets say five or six draft picks. and really the nba draft is not really much more exciting since you get about the same percentage of top picks actually being any impact early in their careers. but thats just my opinion and i hate the NBA so i am probably just biased. enjoy the weekend folks

11:47 PM  
Blogger John Kruk said...

The NFL is a marketing mastermind. What other sport has its championship game as a national holiday? The hype surrounding the draft is just another indication of the league's stature. Top TV ratings, astronomical franchise values, worldwide feeder leagues, a soon to be every night schedule, and talk of yet another expansion. Is there anything the NFL can do wrong? Maybe Paul Tagliabue is considering politics...

By the way, the Eagles sold tickets (a few thousand, I'm pretty sure) for cheerleader tryouts this year.

Now, with all this in mind, any comments on the NHL's marketing?


4:08 PM  

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