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Thursday, April 06, 2006

NCAA Wrapup

So a lot of people around here on the radio are talking about the way the women's basketball tournament was covered. Count me among those that were slightly irritated the past couple of days. The fact is, there are very few people in this area that truly cared about Maryland, Duke, UNC, and LSU playing in the women's tournament. There might have been a shot if someone like BC or even UConn had snuck in, but these four teams aren't exactly huge in this area. Even fans of the men's teams don't necessarily translate to fans of the women's game. The newspaper coverage is what actually got me irritated though. I read the paper every morning before work, concentrating mainly on the sports section. But over the weekend, I had to flip 10 pages deep to get to anything I wanted to read. Yesterday, after the Sox game, I had to go 9 pages in to read any articles. Now, I don't have problems with covering it, but do what they did for the men and give a separate pull out section that had the basketball stories in it. Then the people that want to focus on the 10 pages of coverage can do that and those of us who don't care aren't bothered. I mean, they do that with the NFL playoffs and the baseball preview.

The one thing the women do right, or that I found interesting, is that they hold the draft the day after the tournament is over. Granted, the NBA season is going on and makes this a virtual impossibility, but it has the names fresh in your mind. I thought that deserved kudos since the women have to make sure that people know who the hell is in the WNBA.

Officiating is miserable in all basketball right now. The women's game ended on a shot where the girl travelled like crazy. To the point they would have called it in the NBA. The men's officiating was worse. There was no shred of consistency all season and the tournament highlighted that. There may not have been mid-major bias, but it sure as hell looked it. Tim Higgins should be fired.

Frozen Four is this weekend. BC plays UND and Maine plays Wisconsin. BC and Wisconsin have been playing the best hockey of anyone. I'll take them to head to the title game with a Wisconsin win because I won't pick BC.

The Duke lacrosse scandal is horrible. I don't know what did or didn't happen, but the administration at Duke is showing how to properly handle an investigation. As soon as this came to light, games were cancelled and a state investigation initiated. I feel bad for the coach taking the fall here, but it also makes me wonder what his role in this whole thing was. The University of Colorado should be ashamed after seeing how this has worked at a true top university.

Seton Hall got permission to talk with Jim Larranaga. Good for them. I'd only be happier if PC had gotten permission. Another solid coach coming from Providence going to win elsewhere. The best the Friars can hope for is a good season and Welsh getting interviews in other places.


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