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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


--The Final Four and title game was the worst basketball of the tournament. Neither game was remotely close on Saturday and last night was just as bad. 20+ point title games just aren't fun. Not saying I needed a last second shot, but it would have been nice if the first half was close

--Congrats to Billy D. He'll be the only Friar to win a title for a while unless Larranaga gets George Mason back there.

--Watching Taurean Green and Jocham Noah's attitudes on the court makes you want to hurt them.

--Keith Foulke pitched well in Spring Training...according to the final stats. But most of his outs were hard hit line drives. We saw that yesterday too, as Foulke was lucky he had the breathing room he did. Crisp made a fantastic play going back to the wall to save his sorry ass. I'm not writing him off...but this needs to be watched.

--Is Dunkin' Donuts out to make ordering your coffee a lifelong experience? Lately, it's taken me 15 minutes at the register to get a medium iced french vanilla with skim and sugar. I'm not doing anything crazy to it, yet these people don't seem to have passed their TOEFL tests.

--Favre should just retire. He's waiting to see what the team is going to do in order to decide if he wants to stay, but his team is waiting to see if he's going to stay to make most of their moves. This is a horrible stalemate that can only end badly. By badly I mean another year out of the playoffs, regardless of the QB.

--The timing of the steroids investigation pisses me off. Was this because someone finally put all the BALCO information in one place for Selig? Too lazy to do a little research on his own apparently. Should there be one, absolutely. Should it have happened back in '03? You bet.

--Ryan Gomes continues to make a case for NBA All-Rookie team. Since the all-star break, he's averaging close to a double-double a game. It's been great to watch as a PC alum and you can only hope it continues. Kinda bad, but I was almost happy Jefferson went down again. Keeps Gomes in the lineup.

--Saw Richard Jeni do stand up this weekend (the bad guy from The Mask). Hilarious and highly recommend him. Book recommendation: American Roulette, some great gambling and cheating stories. Movie recommendation: Inside Man.

--If you still haven't made your way down there, J Timothy's in the Bristol area of CT has the best wings ever. Plain and simple. Get yourself a bucket of buffalo dirt wings and enjoy.

--Two weeks from today, Vegas. Let that sink in. Anyone still wanting to join in, we're staying at the Luxor. I mean, it's Vegas. Be ready for bad movie quotes uttered multiple times, lots of alcohol, and, of course, gambling. I can' wait to land, step out, and get that rush that comes with being in that city.

--On a personal note, there is no better feeling than coming to work and knowing that your days at the current job are numbered. I love it. Really.


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