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Monday, April 10, 2006

Florida Marlins

So I'm listening to sports radio this afternoon and there's a report out there from Ken Rosenthal that the Marlins are currently shopping Dontrelle Willis. In that, I found out that the Marlins current payroll is $14.334 million for all of 2006. Let that sink in. On the 25 man roster, half the team makes the league minimum of $327K. Only two players make more than $1M (Brian Moehler and Willis). 15 players in baseball make more per year than the entire Marlins team will. If they were to shed Willis halfway through the season, that knocks the payroll down to $12M. Meaning 32 players would make more than the Marlins team.

Marlins fans, and more specifically baseball as a whole, deserves better than this. I don't care if it means moving the team to Vegas, San Antonio, or Alaska, this has to change. Let's give more of a perspective on the current payroll. They are less than half of the next lowest team (Devil Rays, $28M), 12% of Boston's payroll ($120M), and less than 10% of the Yankees ($198M). How can you be a fan of a team like this? This is obviously an owner and organization hell bent on a solid bottom line. They can't draw fans, want a new stadium, and don't seem to want to field a competitive team until all this changes. To me, this is the reason there needs to be a salary floor. The revenue sharing money that the Marlins are receiving is obviously NOT being re-invested into the team itself. If you won't put up money, then you don't deserve the dollars you are receiving.

I don't know what baseball can do, but this is just pathetic. If this team wins 60 games, I'll be shocked.


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