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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Brett Favre

So Favre just received another extension from his coach to decide whether or not he wants to return. I'm honestly tired of this. It's been three years where we've had to watch as to if Favre is going to return or retire. To me, there has to be a line. Allow me to explain. There is no other player, maybe outside of Cal Ripken, that would be allowed to hold his team hostage like this. And to me, it's not right. Teams deserve to know how to plan for their next few seasons. Favre took it personally when the Packers selected Rogers last year in the draft. Why? He hadn't decided whether or not he was going to play, eventually he's going to retire, and someone has to be there to take the reins. Rogers is in a no win situation. Favre doesn't want him there and the fans are only going to look at him as Favre's replacement. It's really a shame. The kid could be a great player, but I doubt anyone will find out that in Green Bay.

But back to Favre. He has spent this entire offseason toying with the Packers. He's told them each of the past two years that he wants to see the direction of the team before he makes a decision. And, to be fair, the guy has gone through a crazy amount of offseason problems between his wife's breast cancer, the passing of his father, and the ravaging of his hometown in Mississippi. He should be given a margin of forgiveness, but isn't this excessive? He's a tremendous quarterback, definitely one of the top 10 of all time, possibly top 5 (that's probably another debate). He's second only to Dan Marino, Johnny Unitas, or Joe Montana in most major passing categories. But you can't have a team approach free agency and the draft looking to impress a quarterback that can't make up his mind. For the sake of argument, let's say the Packers addressed an actual need last year and didn't select Rogers. Let's even say they took a cornerback (where they were in desperate need of help). Favre doesn't play. Well now the team is up a creek without a paddle. This year could be the same situation. At least they have Rogers. But the team needs help in every major way. Javon Walker isn't happy and wants a trade. Ahman Green looked OLD last year. The defense just sucks.

The team could be going through all of this, select a top defensive player, have addressed certain free agency needs, and have to go into the season with a QB that has never taken a regular season snap. Maybe they would have entered the Joey Harrington sweepstakes or take a run at Kerry Collins or Patrick Ramsey (prior to the Jets trade). But now, the team is basically stuck should Favre not return. And, personally, I don't get why Packers fans aren't more angry. The last two years the guy has cost the team as many games as he's won. He gets the idea that he's about five years younger and can still hit some of the passes he used to. He's just as likely to make the play that kills the game as he is the one that wins it. In that sense, the Cal Ripken comparison is even more valid. No one in the media dare say anything negative about either of these superstars. They're well past their prime and won't be replaced as starters as long as they are wearing that uniform. It's a shame really. For both of them. Packers fans deserve a team that is going to win. And this is a weak division. With or without Favre they don't win and they don't make the playoffs. Maybe this is the time to go. Maybe now the future should be brought in.

He's had a good run, he's a great quarterback. Don't hang on too long. People should remember the classic Favre the way they remember the classic Jordan, prior to the run with the Wizards. Don't let that mystique fade away.


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