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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thoughts on Spamalot

Plain and simple, if you can find a ticket for this thing, go see it. The little lady and I went last night and found everything about it hilarious. The performance rarely leaves a dull moment. I was curious as to what I would get out of this thing, given that it was an admitted rip off of the Holy Grail movie, of which I'm a tremendous fan. Needless to say, the writers and cast did not disappoint here. Whether or not you enjoy the theatre, you'll like this a lot. And you score brownie points, so how can you go wrong?

The sets are fun and the banter amongst the chracters is great. The songs are hilarious. My personal favorites were "You'll Never Succeed on Broadway" and "This is the Song that Goes Like This." Both incredibly well done and had the audience roaring with laughter. Easy to see how this play won a Tony award for its musical numbers. There is plenty there to keep avid Monty Python fans entertained, but you'll enjoy it just as much if you've never seen any of the movies at all. Even the Knights Who Say "Ni" make an appearance! Listen carefully or you'll miss some quick one-liners. Since the actors are all British, not paying attention could cost you a joke or two. Both of us remarked that seeing this on Broadway with the cast they had in place there must have been fantastic.

The Colonial Theatre is the perfect venue for this production. Slightly more intimate than the Wang, it gives you enough room to move yet provide the quiet setting this production needs. Not a seat was to be found vacant anywhere in the theatre. We were able to make a night of it, hitting up the Rock Bottom Brewery on Tremont St. prior to the play and heading over to Teatro for dessert afterwards. Both highly recommended stops on the magical mystery tour of Boston. I won't give away much of the plot since Rob is heading to see this in a couple weeks, but I'll be curious to hear his assessment afterwards.

Anyway, I recommend to Python and non-Python fans alike. Check it out.


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