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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

NCAA Tournament

Without a doubt, this year's NCAA tournament has show us how much parody there is in college basketball today. There have been some great games, and, for the most party, reffing that has gone unnoticed. That brings me to my first point. The UCLA-Memphis game should have been a high scoring, fast-paced, 88-86 game. Instead we watched these two teams combine for 95 total points. It was a pitiful game to watch in many respects. The reffing in the game was awful. We all got to see our favorite ref (Tim Higgins) continue to make out of position calls and control the pace of the game. The refs never let a real flow develop. Every touch outside was a foul, but then they let the guys bang underneath. The shooting percentages were terrible, but it is hard to get into a rhythm when the teams were never in action for more than 30 seconds at a time. I was very disappointed because it was a game that I was excited to watch. I wanted to see some great guards go at it. I feel that the nation was deprived of a great game because the referees controlled the pace. They didn't let the players decide that game.

My other point is free-throw shooting. From now on, every D-1 basketball player should not be allowed to step on the court unless they can shoot 70% from the foul line. UCLA as a team in the game against memphis was a pitiful 20-39 from the line (51.3%). That game should never have been close if they hit their free-throws. It's a 15-foot open shot. Most of these guys can almost reach the rim from there. There is no excuse for guys at the level of basketball to not hit free throws. GMU let UConn back into that game because they couldn't hit their free throws but couldn't miss from behind the arc. This is just something that a college basketball player should be able to do, and it made me sick watching all of these guys throw up brick after brick from 15-feet away.

As a whole, these games have been great. I would rather watch the NCAA tournament than any other major sporting event. You cannot replace the intensity and the pride. We ended up with no number 1 seeds in the final four. That basically sums up how this tournament has gone. Obviously I am disappointed in the UConn loss (just has happy with the BC loss). However, GMU deserved that game. They outplayed UConn as a team. If you look at the teams left, they all have played fantastic team basketball, not just looking for one or two players (which is why JJ and Adam are at home right now). I can't wait to see how it finishes. Go George Mason.


Blogger cwhager527 said...

Doesn't it make you wonder how Higgins and Burr have these fantastic reputations in college basketball? Higgins has hated Calipari since he was at UMass. And it showed. Watch, he'll be doing the Final Four games too.

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