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Friday, March 10, 2006

Mismanagement - It's Called Bruins!

Yesterday's trade of Sergei Samsonov showed the complete and utter lack of direction the organization is currently facing. When it comes to the trading deadline, you have to either be a buyer or a seller. Trading Samsonov is a sign that the Bruins were neither. Someone like Glen Murray, who has both a high cap number and high potential return value, is still on the Bruins. According to Mike O'Connell, people called about Hal Gill, PJ Axelsson, Murray, Brian Leetch, and a host of others. Why not come out and have the sale of the century? The team is at the max cap number, 9 points out of 8th place, and for intents and purposes ended their season last night with a pathetic 3-0 showing against Montreal.

What have the Bruins done since 1972? Nothing. Flaming out early or late, paring payroll or adding it, the management hasn't had a clue in 20 years...minimum. Most recently, they made a host of bad decisions and have shown a distinct inability to build a championship team. O'Connell said on the day of the Thornton trade that, "If this doesn't work, I should be fired." Well, Mike, looks like you might get your wish! Jacobs has stood by him and given him the checkbook. For not stepping in sooner, Jacobs should go. BUT, I think I could be satisfied with just O'Connell going if I knew that Jacobs would allow them to keep the piggy bank open.

As far as the Samsonov trade, what has this left Boston with? Certainly a team that can't compete. Another 3rd or 4th line center that can't stay healthy, and an aging lineup that all we can say about next year is that they will be a year older. This is now a team without a face - the two cornerstones of the draft having been shipped out. Samsonov could have been traded for Brad Stuart straight up back before Thornton was dealt. I think that probably would have put the Bruins in enough of a better position. But who knows anymore. The team has gone from being loved, to being hated, to being ignored. Apathy is the worst thing for a sports team. They've just fallen off the radar. And it will take a front office and roster overhaul (again) to steer this ship in any sort of winning direction.


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