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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Time for Welsh to go...

So let's look back over the Tim Welsh Era at Providence College. Here are some stats:
  • 0-3 in the NCAA Tourney
  • 1-7 in the Big East Tourney
  • 2-4 in the NIT
  • 2 20-win seasons in 7 years at PC
  • 13 scholarship players lost (Jamaal Camaah, Marcus Jefferson, Donta Wade, Desean White, Gerald Brown, Rob McKiver, Jeff Parmer, Garnett Thompson, David Murray, Dwight Brewington, Rob Sanders, Maris Laksa, and JaJuan Robinson)
  • 53-61 Career Record in the Big East
  • Currently in position to MISS the Big East tournament

All these numbers led Providence to give him 2 separate contract extensions. After 2001, he received a 7 year extension. The 2004 extension put the contract through the 2009 season. Now, the argument has been made that Providence is a spring board for coaches. Many a solid bench-minder has used PC to jump start their career and move to a powerhouse program. Pitino to UK and Louisville, Gillen used it to move to Virginia, Barnes used it to move to (eventually) Texas. One found success. So maybe that's a reason to lock him up. But Tim has proven that you CANNOT give a gigantic extension to a guy after one good season. Let alone a guy who had yet to bring in most of the players on his current team.

So let's start with the positives. He recruited the top scorer in school history. At one point, he beat 4 top 25 teams in a row, but you have to go back a while to find that. He's the fourth winningest coach in program history and, according to the bio on the team website, is known as a fantastic recruiter. I'm starting to wonder if he wrote his own. And he always gives teams like UConn a good game.

But this team no longer wins those marquee games. They come close only to fall short (See: Texas, UConn, Florida, Pitt, Louisville, etc.) He's a 5 minute overtime away from having lost his last 5 games against our one rival, URI. The negatives are many. Other than the points listed above, he was responsible for bringing to campus the series of recruits that ultimately beat a bouncer at a local club to the point of reconstructive surgery. Welsh consistently fails when going head to head with any big time school. Craig Austrie, current UConn PG, was recruited by PC until Calhoun ultimately stepped in and stole the kid away. He lucked out with a guy like Geoff McDermott, who was recruited by both PC, Duke, and BC. We could offer him playing time. Seemingly, that's all we have to offer these players. He brought in Sharaud Curry, considered small to play in the Big East. Jury is still out on whether he will be a complete success. Watch him coach a game and you can tell the man has no clue how to work a basic substitution pattern. Charlie Burch was the 6th or 7th man on the team last year. This year he went a stretch where he received 5 DNP-CD's and a three game period where he played without scoring. My bet, he'll be player 14 to leave under the Welsh regime. Players don't know their role, and when they have no concept of when they will play and what is expected of them, it results in chaos, cold shooting, and ridiculous looking lineups. It's like watching Jimy Williams manager the Red Sox. Al Skinner and Welsh took their jobs at the same time. Look where BC is, and look where we are.

So that brings us to tonite. Friars lose by a point against Seton Hall. A game they led by 7 or 10 points at various intervals through the game. You can't tell me that the Friars don't have more talent at every position...even going as much as 7 deep. We're better up front, better in the backcourt. Yet they lose this game. The difference? Seton Hall wanted it more and they had a coach who knew the way to substitute in order to better exploit matchups. Welsh obviously does not and seriously will never learn at this point. It's been too long. All that adds up to it being time to go for Tim. If they can't buy them out, they have to hope someone comes along and asks them for permission to interview. GRANT IT!!! Let the guy go. Replacements? What about Fran Fraschilla, Bobby Gonzalez, Rick Majerus, PJ Carlesimo, hell the kid that runs the flag around the court probably has a better grasp of basic defensive rotations.

I think that about covers it. End Rant.


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