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Friday, February 17, 2006

Things I'm Tired Of

Because I have nothing valid to bring to the table at this point, I thought I'd point out a list of things that just need to go away at this point...
  • Spandex on men in the Olympics. Does every sport need to have this? Skiing, luge, Curling, Bobsledding, Ski Jumping, Cross Country, Skating of all kinds. I understand physics and aerodynamics, but isn't this just getting a little nuts? I feel like I need to go to a strip club just to make everything ok again.
  • Racism...and not in the way everyone talks about it. I'm talking the cry from every non-white-middle class-male that they are treated unfairly. At this point, the only oppression is being placed on the middle class male. Remember, everything we've ever done or said is wrong and nothing will be right until we're out of every corporate office, boardroom, athletic contest, etc.
  • Danny Ainge's Plan. We've heard about this thing since he took over and the Celtics are worse than when he started. Recently, he commented on the reason the Celtics weren't playing Gomes as, "They knew what they had with Ryan." Makes perfect sense, play Scalabrine and Reed ahead of a guy that you knew was good. Masterful job, Danny. This deserves its own entry.
  • Red Sox Fans. Nothing is good enough. Every guy that is coming off a bad year or good year that plays for anyone else is gonna suck. Every Red Sox coming off a bad year is gonna be fantastic. Example: No Red Sox fan seems to think Damon will have the same kind of year. Or Vernon Wells (who had the worst year of his career). But, Mike Lowell is gonna hit 40 bombs, Foulke is going back to the 2004 version, and Schilling is going to win the Cy Young. Find a middle ground here guys. Take off the rose colored glasses and be objective. And, remember, I'm a Sox fan.
  • Online waiting rooms. In this day of infinite technology, there is no better way to distribute tickets than an online waiting room? How come I don't know ANYONE that got Sox tickets? Anyone? Bueller?
  • Patriots Fans. This has to be the worst. It's like dealing with obnoxious Yankees fans. All I heard after the loss to Denver was that the Broncos didn't win the game, the Patriots lost it. Guess what? Taking advantage of a team playing poorly is winning the game. I listened to plenty complain that the best team didn't win that game. These are the same people that complained a couple years ago when Pittsburgh made that argument in the AFC title game. You can't have it both ways. They played poorly, barely won a weak division, and didn't deserve to go any further than they did.
  • Sports agents. If these aren't the greediest, most money grubbing people in the history of the world, I don't know what group is. After Arroyo signed a hometown discount deal, his agent comes out and says it was against the agent's advice. Sure protect your future clients, but then don't bash the guy for doing what his heart said he wanted. Guys like Drew Rosenhaus and Scott Boras make my stomach turn.
  • NBA and NFL Officials. How in a league that does as well as the NBA and the NFL can they not find people competent enough to handle the job on a daily basis? Calls in several playoff games turned the tide. And it's not always the calls as much as it is enforcement of calls. Consistency is all most fans ask for. If its called the same way in game 1, quarter 1 as it is in the final game, final minute then that's all people can ask. But it never is and that's what frustrates most players, fans, and media.
  • Having certain aspects of life being shoved down my throat as normal and acceptable. You can all guess what I'm driving at. And this is my place to sound off. I don't have problems with it, do whatever you want, but don't tell me it's normal, don't tell me it's what was intended, and don't tell me I have to treat it as such. From Hollywood, to rogue judges, to demonstrators, it's going overboard. Let them have their rights, but I don't like seeing couples of any type all over each other in public and if I wanted those kind of scenes in my movies there are some great places by Providence College that would rent me them or sell them. Oh and while I'm mentioning Hollywood...
  • Do movie writers and producers have an original thought anymore? Why is every other movie coming out a remake of something else. Like the new Harrison Ford movie. Has he played the exact same character in every movie for the last 20 years? Like since Patriot Games? Pathetic! And what they did to Glory Road was pitiful. I can guarantee the players that actually were in that game weren't throwing passes off the backboard to eachother. They even got facts wrong! See the Sports Guy for details on that. Even when they have a good idea, they screw it up.
  • American Idol. I like watching how bad these people are as much as the next guy, but when only 9-20 people made the cut in most of those cities, how come we only saw like 3 of them? Do we really have to emphasize how bad people are? I agree, tell them they suck, but don't make me sit through 45 of them in an hour. Slight overkill. Not that I watch that show...
  • Bad commentators. It's everywhere from baseball to football to basketball to the Olympics. How come people can't call a game normally? I don't need inane detail after detail about player X's life prior to going pro or hear about bad stories. Tell me about the game, show me the details that only former players can, and shut up every once in a while. These games can all tell a story, let them.
  • Isiah Thomas. Just go away. You ruin everything you do. Please stop. Or else ask the Celtics about the availability of Raef LaFrentz.
  • How dumb the generations preceding us must have been. Kids in elementary through high school now are being put through longer days, more standardized testing, more homework, more days in school. Why? Those prior generations are all making the rules. Do they realize that the intelligent person they are putting through schools has realized that they're all full of crap? Apparently they didn't learn enough. Which is evident in the way they make policy decisions.

And last (for today) but certainly not least,

  • The current state of music. Put on a rock station and most of what they play now is stuff that came out in the 80's. Not that I mind. Other stuff rotates in, but songs cut in the last 2-3 years are nowhere near as prevalent. Some stuff is timeless, I agree with that. But we're screwed if artists don't start putting some good stuff on CD.

End Rant.


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