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Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Dud

After watching what was supposedly the two best teams in the NFL go at it for a little more than 4 hours, conclusion was reached that I'm decidedly disappointed. If you think about it, with few exceptions, this was a bad year all around for the game. There was no natural rivalry between Pittsburgh and Seattle. In fact, even Joey Porter (Steelers LB) had to do his best to come up with something that would resemble trash talk in order to get himself excited to play. All we heard about all week was Jerome Bettis coming home to Detroit, getting the key to the city (by the way, the last key to the city of Detroit was given to Suddam Hussein, look it up). Even locally, where the stories could have been about Hasselbeck, the pride of Xaverian High School, and Lofa Tatupu, the pride of King Phillip Regional High, we heard about Bettis. It was enough to make even unbiased people hate on the Steelers.

Let's make it even better. The Stones looked horrific. One, couldn't understand a damn word out of Mick Jagger's mouth either during his bad vocals or his between song banter with the fans. I'm not quite sure he knew where he was really. As Rob put it so eloquently, I don't want to see that much skin jiggling on my rock stars. Keith Richards looked decidedly disinterested and whoever the drummer is I'm convinced had osteoperosis. Time to go collect Soc. Security guys, get off the stage. The national anthem done by Neville and Labelle was weird at best. They really could have used Janet Jackson's boob to spice this thing up. Well, how bout the commercials? That keeps everyone happy right? Bud Light had some great ones, and the cell phone commercial where the guy says his has "extra security" was pretty good too. Also, anything with monkeys is funny. Overall though, less than average. Could ABC have bought more spots for Lost and Desperate Housewives promos? What about the Code Black on Grey's Anatomy. I can guarantee I'll be using it around the office today just because it sounded absolutely hilarious.

As for the game itself, well I can't say I was thrilled. Has to go down as one of the more boring Super Bowls with moments of brilliance. Parker's 75 yard run wasn't too bad, as was Herndon's interception return. The trick play used for the final touchdown was pretty good overall too. But when you're talking about a game that was marred by some suspect officiating calls it's pretty bad. If Jackson pushed off on the first negated touchdown, it was negligible. No worse than the pick they ran to get Stevens the TD catch later. The clipping call on Hasselbeck's tackle after he threw the INT made no sense either (correct me if I'm wrong there, but that was the motion the official made I believe). And the fact they didn't go to the replay on several occasions wasn't defensible. Leavy as an official rarely overturns calls. Lowest % of all active officials. To me, that isn't the guy I'd want doing a big game like that. Why? I don't think his officials get all those calls right as much as he's stubborn. Anyway, too bad the Steelers won because now we'll get all those Bettis career montages on SportsCenter the next few months.

As a quick side note. Check out Ron Borges' article on Boston.com today. He put together a piece on race and quarterbacks. How Warren Moon is the first African-American quarterback elected to the Hall of Fame and the struggle of that race at that position, highlighting Seneca Wallace and Antwaan Randle-El. Maybe this is something I'll address later when I can think about it more rationally. Right now, I can't stand thinking about it. Other than to say, Seneca Wallace IS a quarterback and Randle-El wasn't one in college any more than Eric Crouch was.

Just keep telling yourself, pitchers and catchers report February 18th...


Blogger JRod said...

Speaking of the officiating, someone tell me how Big Ben gets credit for that touchdown. He didn't even attempt to put that ball over the line. I still do not see how even the tip of that ball got across the goal line. If anything, the original call should have been no touchdown because no official could see through Ben's arm that a little piece of the ball was over a little piece of the white line from where the line judges stand. It's like he made the touchdown call because he didn't know and then wanted the replay to come. Leavy then looked at the replay for about a minute which is amazing that he came up with a conclusion on that close a play in that short time. As for the offensive pass interference, I cannot believe that it was called. I'm not saying that Seattle wins with these calls, I'm just upset that those calls were blown in such a big game. Maybe the NFL wanted Pittsburgh, or at least Jerome Bettis, to win a Super Bowl. Someone should ask Joey Porter about that.

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