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Friday, February 17, 2006

The stuff you can't say in print

I know I'm not alone in this one, but it's time to stretch out the vocal cords and be heard
On Tim Welsh:
Flat-out, this guy can't coach. When Pittsburgh was in the middle of its game-changing 19-3 run on Wednesday, erasing what was a seven point lead for the Friars, Welsh didn't call a t/o until the damage was done and the Panthers were up 49-45. Tim: memo to you and the rest of your cock-sucking staff, you have timeouts, use them. Don't wait until Aaron Gray and his 7-foot, 270-pound frame tools all over Herb Hill (I knew he would fall back to reality) and Randall Hanke (who I believe is STILL in the witness protection program). Stop the bleeding, and try and diagram some sort of play instead of bitching at the refs.

It also may have helped if you played Hill and Hanke at the same time instead of shuffling them out like a chinese fire drill.

On the Celtics: The more I hear about the rebuilding Danny Ainge wants to do, the more I watch the greatest moments in Celtics history on DVD. B/c there's no way NBA Entertainment is coming out with another part anytime soon.
The Celtics will always be stuck in neutral, a club that will either make the playoffs as a No. 7/8 seed or miss out and settle for a crappy lottery pick. In the NBA, there's the elite and everyone else. Those teams that are among the elite stay there (San Antonio) b/c they have smart people running the ship. The C's are stuck with Mr. BYU, and fans are willing to be somewhat patient b/c a). there's 16 banners hanging in the "new" Gah-den, b). Ainge is a link to the glory days, so that makes him exceptable.

On the Olympics: Who cares?

On spring training finally being here: Thank God!

On the World Baseball Classic: Not to sound like a broken record, but who cares?


Blogger cwhager527 said...

Ah how wonderful to hear the man who advocated for Welsh's extension finally put this in writing. Welsh has done this all year with his timeouts. He never knows when to take them and only does so when it's too late. Hill and Hanke have been good, but Randall needs to have someone bring him back from the side of the milk carton. Don't know if playing Hanke and Hill together would solve your problem, but I would have given Kale more of a chance on Gray given the frames.

I refuse to believe the Celtics will be stuck in neutral. But, if Danny doesn't reveal this plan, I'm going to hurt someone. I don't think fans are willing to be patient as much as you think, but they've lost a lot of the people that used to care. They aren't on sports talk radio anymore simply because of apathy.

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