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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Spring board, yes

Ah, and the best part of this spring board was started by my cousin named Mr. David Gavvitt. The man who recruited Ernie D and then everyone else. The man who created the Big East, helped the Celtics andis now broadcasting and on the board for the Hall of Fame. And another man from PC, how about Billy Donavon who has made a good name for himself down there in Florida, how can you forget him. Pete Guillen, Mr. Time out Pete!!! Such great memories from him in thsi wonderful state, with guys like Mr. God Shammgod (definitly belongs on the all name team like CoCo Crisp). But you have to give Mr. Welsh some credit for this season. He hasnt had the best of luck wiht his palyers as of late, but he was able to keep Mr. Gomes here at home. He has also been able to salvage a so far successful season. And they hung in there with Mr. Calhoun. Don't give up yet on this team, the coach, most ahve already given up on, but that can make for a dangerous team, esp. if they can make it to NYC and maybe pull off a hot streak.


Blogger cwhager527 said...

But what kind of luck are you referring to? This is a guy who hasn't had ANY luck with his players. Gomes stayed at PC not because of wanting to be the all-time leading scorer, but because he wouldn't be a first round pick. This had nothing to do with Tim. As for this being a dangerous team...well they have to prove it now. They have 8 games left in the Big East schedule. They're 2-6 in the league. They need to go 6-2 the rest of the way with games against Pitt (2), ND, SJU, USF, Depaul, Cinci, and Marquette. Not likely in my opinion. Do you see 4 wins here? Maybe...

They have a talent base, but how many will stay here for all four years? And after watching Hanke last night, that kid needs to toughen up. They have the guard play, but Welsh chokes away leads like it's his job. This just doesn't seem to be a happy marriage anymore.

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