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Thursday, February 02, 2006

McNabb Racist?

On my way to the dentist this morning, I put on WEEI to listen to Dennis and Callahan. Something I don't normally do since I can't stand the amount of time Callahan spends discussing politics. I'm glad I did this morning though. I had to leave before I caught Donovan McNabb's interview on ESPN and apparently he gave out several insights over his riff with T.O. If you all remember, T.O. came out and said that the team would be better off if they had Brett Favre as quarterback. McNabb, who's been gracious in every single problem that has come across this issue - the NAACP, Limbaugh, T.O., etc. - but this time was interesting. McNabb came out and said that T.O. saying Favre would be better is equivalent to a black on black crime. Had T.O. compared him to Vick, Leftwich, McNair, Culpepper, or AARON BROOKS that it would have been different.

Does this seem weird to anyone else? Why isn't he being crucified in the media? He even went as far to say that if he said they'd be better off with Steve Largent (one of the NFL's all time greats) or Joe Jurevicius, that the effect is the same, black on black crime. What if TO had said Brady or Manning, a QB who at this point is obviously superior to any sort of skill set McNabb has? Would he have reacted differently. Favre is arguably one of the top 10 quarterbacks of all-time. Granted, he was in the midst of his worst year ever. But how is this an insult? Favre, in his prime, was a three-time MVP, super bowl winner, fantastic leader. McNabb hasn't won anything, is no MVP, and is an inferior leader at this point. He tries to stay above the fray. Which is good, but not once, until now, has he taken TO to task in the locker room or in public. Let's take it one step further. What if TO had been asked about Elway, Aikman, Montana? Is McNabb better than any of those players? I say no.

The problem is, race is far too much of an issue here. Now, we can't compare athletes across race apparently because that may offend someone as well. We only compare white basketball players to Larry Bird. Keith Van Horn, Adam Morrison, the next Larry Bird's. But Kobe Bryant, LeBron, they're the next Jordan. The first comparison I've heard in a while is that Chris Paul plays the game like John Stockton with a better shot. But we can't say McNabb doesn't measure up to Favre. Can we argue the merits of Largent vs. Rice? What about Butkus vs. Ray Lewis? These are the arguments that keep sports fans interested. It has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with skill levels. This is where McNabb took a wrong step. He had public sentiment in his corner.

Today, he's lost one supporter. I thought he was above taking arguments to race. I thought he would know where his skills were far short of Favre's. I thought he had more respect for himself than to play the race card. Sorry, Donovan. You're on your own.


Blogger JRod said...

I completely agree. However, you can't ignore the fact that Michael Smith is the one who brought the whole issue up, which was interesting to me that they happened to have a black reporter interviewing him. Now if McNabb really wants to be compared to Vick, Culpepper, or McNair that's fine. From now on we'll make sure that we keep races separated and that way he can never be compared to some of the great quarterbacks of all time. There is no way race was an issue in this case. The idea was actually proposed by Michael Irvin that the Eagles would be undefeated with Brett Favre and T.O. agreed. It's not like someone went out and said that this team would be undefeated with a white quarterback. They simply said that a future hall of famer with a better arm and better resume than McNabb would be more successful with this team that had great wide receivers to throw to. It's becoming a joke in today's sports world that race is always an issue. In this case it was just a gutless quarterback who won't take the blame and sat out the rest of the season with an injury that Brady played half the year with. Absolutely ridiculous.

2:52 PM  
Blogger John Kruk said...

Once again Donovan McNabb has proven himself as a complete failure, on and off the field. This season's excuse on the field was #81 and later his injuries - which he caused himself by overtraining in the offseason after his vomit-inducing Super Bowl performance.

Now, McNabb has the chance to prove himself as a leader after the season the Eagles have been through. Did he choose to turn the page, and look forward to next season? Perhaps discuss getting a free agent WR such as Joe Jurevicius or Reggie Wayne? Of course not, that would be the mark of someone taking the high road. Donovan McNabb exemplified why he is no better than #81.

Donovan McNabb is a racist, and so is his family. Period. Throughout the offseason we have heard his father spout to the media. Now, Donovan, Mr. Communications Major himself, decides to prove his racism to the media. He has continually made light of his sorrowful state as a black quarterback in the past, particularly prior to his pathetic performances in NFC Championship games and Super Bowls. Now, "black on black" crime is the buzzword of the day. Until McNabb decides to take off his blinders and remove the veil of self-perceived suffering from which he is always under, he will never face the cold, harsh reality that is a complete failure as an NFL Quarterback.

Coming up : Philadelphia Eagles Season Preview 2006. Donovan McNabb can't win the big one because of "lack of weapons". Sound familiar? See: 2001, 2002, 2003 seasons.

11:39 PM  
Blogger cwhager527 said...

I think that's really interesting. Didn't know McNabb's parents had been playing this up too. Both of you make really good arguments here. Normally, I like Michael Smith as a reporter. I think his contributions on ESPN.com have been fantastic. But seriously, even leading McNabb down that path isn't right. I've heard some people say that he was just letting him vent. Well, there's venting constructively and venting in a manner like this. This only makes all concerned look bad. Race had nothing to do with the comments.

The Eagles still have a divided locker room at this point. There were enough players there that believed what TO was saying to cause the team to have some real problems and questions in the offseason. How is Reid going to consider dealing with this crap when he couldn't keep the team together at all to begin with. As much of a wimp as McNabb is, Reid is just as bad. Time to step up to the plate, Tubby, and take responsibility for the monster you created.

McNabb only wants to be compared to black quarterbacks? Fine. I'm with Jared, we won't even think about putting him next to Marino, Unitas, Elway, Montana, Favre. He doesn't deserve to be in that class anyway.

10:07 AM  

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