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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

In the beginning...

So I was doing some thinking today and reading up on an old friend who started one of these for his group at Nova Law. I found it decidedly interesting and thought that I would use the same space to give a place for myself (and any others) to post random thoughts regarding anything we talked about playing beer pong back in college, or sitting at the round tables of Elmhurst, drinking $5 pitchers of Bud or Miller, eating $1 french fries and listening to some solid tunes on the jukebox.

Sure, we all talk a fair amount, but I thought this might be a way to include some more people in our weekly conversations. Otherwise, it's a place where I'll vent about different things. That said, post your favorite links, favorite stories, or random thoughts on news, sports, politics, and movies. Why not right?


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