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Friday, February 03, 2006

Hopkinton Murder

For those of you who don't know, about 2 weeks ago a mother and infant were murdered in the town Corinne works. The way it has been written is that it took two shots and they were all too clean. The mother was shot through the head, the infant in the stomach. The family had lived in town for 10 days adn the neighborhood had planned a house warming/welcoming party for the couple. That's how they were found. When neighbors arrived at the house, no one answered. Another neighbor returned the next day and when again no one answered, she called police and they found the bodies - tucked in the parent's bed with no blood in sight.

Where was the husband during all of this? England, apparently. The man had been there for a few days "visiting family". He has been interviewed by police, but is free to travel at his discretion and is only being called a "person of interest." Let's give you a little background on this guy. His business background includes multiple get-rich-quick and pyramid schemes online. Several of his websites promise obscene monthly profits. He owns eBay sites which have received numerous complaints from customers who haven't received merchandise. On top of this, he also is a suspected "porn king" and owns several sites that provide adult entertainment. He left for England solely to visit family, knowing he had a function in his neighborhood that weekend, and there are not any indications that family problems were the reason. He did not return to attend the funeral of his wife and daughter. Add to that, he wasn't exactly on the first flight back from England when he discovered that his family was no longer. Yet, police don't seem to be rushing to find anything out here.

Here's my issue. They have given the guy permission to travel, he's not being put under house arrest, isn't being escorted back to the United States, and has only been briefly questioned by investigators. Doesn't this seem odd? To me, the behavior he exhibted following the death of his family would be enough to put him under arrest. No man, even a GUILTY one, would stay away from his wife's funeral. Most would go even to avoid looking any sort of guilty. Certainly, his fingerprints will be all over his own home. But let's be honest, criminals all make mistakes and there must be something that would tie him to this case. I've watched enough episodes of CSI to know what they can do with even scraps of pieces of paper. I think my worry over this is the manner in which they are barely watching him. Behavior alone is reason to arrest someone. The guy suddenly won't talk without his lawyer, doesn't this all seem a bit odd? Although, it is entirely possible this guy created plenty of enemies for both himself and his wife. He registered eBay accounts in his wife's name and many negative comments were directed towards her. In that case, he's still guilty of aiding and abetting. He is the cause of all this. His actions are that of a guilty man, regardless of whether or not he pulled the trigger.

Anyway, this is a small-town murder that has captivated this area for the past few days. Course, maybe the guy is in England with OJ searching for the real killers. A tragedy like this is never easy for anyone to take and even harder to understand. Hopefully, the local police departments will find that one mistake and bring whoever did this to justice.


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