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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

General Principle

Well, the fact is any idiot with an email address can have a blog. I'd like this to prove a little bit structured. Since I'm the owner/moderator type guy, I don't want one line responses if you intend to post. Let's try to have well thought out, reasoned posts. General discussion should be pretty easy. If you want to comment on a post, click comment but make it more than a "You're an idiot" statement.

I'll put up something reasoned out tonite after I head to the Friars game. Of course, given that I have to watch Tim Welsh coach, it may not be entirely coherent. If they lose, it will without a doubt be incredibly unintelligible (better than 70% chance). Other than topics like this, wouldn't mind if people checked in from various points. Tell us about the idiot in front of you at the airport check-in, the moron waitress you had, anything. Stuff that makes solid conversation and allows for humorous observations of daily life. Serious musings are alright as well, but much less fun. Got something on your mind? Blog it!

So let's get the ball rolling, have some fun, and keep it clean...this is a family program after all. Well not really, but something like that.


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